Yet another brutal assault. Yet another uproar. But the things don’t appear to change!

Just after 4 months of  barbaric and tyrannical 16 December Gang-Rape incident that triggered protests all around the country, yet another shocking case of assault of a 5 year little girl has came to light. Not going into details of what happened ( I don’t have the guts to describe brutality and heinosity of that horrendous assault on the spirit of that child) as Media is already doing its job, giving details of what actually happened and increasing its TRP, I am mainly concerned with why is it happening and what can be done.

   delhi rape3

 Janta V/S Junta!

 Yet again the sleeping (dumb) janta seems to have awaken, spurring calls for swifter and harsher punishments for sexual assaults. Protestors from all walks of life demanding a better deal for their wives, sisters, mother and children have shown that they are determined to fight for a safe place for themselves to live in, free from these monsters and psychopaths.

 delhi rape2

The junta ( pronounced as Yontah, it refers to military and authoritarian establishment where citizen rights are highly subjugated) of this fake democracy in response imposed 144. Silent protestors were badly beaten, ill-treated and fired with water cannons. Police and Administration were quick enough to ensure full protection to the VVIPs. It seems that this authoritarian and totalitarian  regime feels threatened by this unarmed turbulence more than terrorists, naxalites and dreadful criminals.

 delhi rape

4 Months past 16 December Case: All promises failed

A long list of Ad hoc measures like women safety helpline, women special DTC buses, increasing police patrolling etc were announced on paper. We all know what actually happened. Closing markets early or putting restrictions on pubs and discs is not a solution. Autowallas still charge twice of actual fare and behave rudely. Non functional street lights in narrow dark lanes is still a reality  . Police is still insensitive on issues relating to sexual and physical assaults on women (Saw it with my own eyes, when I was posted in causality).

 Issues relating to Sexual Abuse which need to be highlighted

  1. Child Sex Abuse

Cases of child sex abuse are on rise. 53% of children in India face some form of child sexual abuse. Among them, street children and children living in foster homes and working as maid servant are particularly vulnerable. Thousands of children in India go missing every year and majority among them are traded for sexual gratification of psychopaths or left to streets for begging or forced to work in hostile environment, a clear violation of right to education, right to live with dignity and against law of prohibition of child employment. Such children don’t even exist on paper. They have no name, no family and no one to take care of, making them vulnerable to exploitation. 

336% increase in child rape cases last decade; 48,338 child rape cases between 2001-11


2. Human Trafficking

Widely prevalent human trafficking rackets especially in eastern India. Women ( including young girls) are bought and then sold to pimps who forced them into prostitution. It is also linked to Organ trade and pornography.

3. Workplace Sexual harassment, Eave teasing and Acid Attacks

Some (in)famous cases of sexual abuse and violence

  1. Nithari case (2005): A heart wrenching horrifying tale of child abuse, murder, pornography and alleged cannibalism involving killing of more than 25 children in the locality. And the the accused is still alive.
  2. 16 december Delhi Gang Rape Case
  3. Sexual assaults on Kashmiri pandits in Muslim predominate regions of Kashmir forcing them to migrate and similar atrocities on muslim women during State Sponsored Godhra Riots of 2002 and Post Babri Masjid Demolition riots in 1992.
  4. Sexual assaults by armed personnel in J&K and North-East
  5. Sexual assaults by CRPF and Salva Judum on adivasi women in Chhatisgarh and other naxalite effected areas.
  6. Aruna Shanbhaug, former nurse at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, was sexually assaulted, sodomized by a ward boy due to which she has been in vegetative state  for 37 years. The accused served 7 year imprisonment and the victim has been serving it for 37 years. Hail Indian Judiciary!
  7. Priyadarshani Mattoo case
  8. Bhanwari Devi case (1992) : She risked her life amidst threats from the conservative villagers to fight against child marriage and as a result, she was gang-raped by upper-caste orthodox ‘Macho’ Men. Bawandar, a film by Jag Mundra was based on the true story of Bhanwari Devi. It depicts the personal trauma, public humiliation and legal injustice that Bhanwari Devi went through, while pursuing in the Indian courts.

It was because of her courageous and long battle for her right to dignity and against the injustice done to her, that supreme court released guidelines for workplace harassment in the form of Vishaka Judgement.

Woman’s status in contemporary India

Besides the heinous crimes discussed above, millions of women in India still face adversities in the form of Social taboos, Domestic violence, Child Marriage, Female Infanticide, dowry, Marital Rape, Eve teasing and Acid throwing.

What can be done?

India’s current definition of rape is steeped in outmoded traditions, making the possibility of a conviction unlikely in many cases. Then there are several loopholes in law. Lack of sensitivity on the part of Judiciary, Political administration, police and society is another road block to impart dignity and justice to the victim.

  1. SENSITIZATION of police, administration, judiciary and aam janta should the primary concern. The role of police and judiciary in this regard is extremely crucial. The magnitude of mental trauma a raped woman has to face is unimaginable. They are supposed to narrate the whole story of that terrifying and horrendous barbarism to voyeuristic policewalas. And they have to repeat the same sequences of events again and again. ‘ How many Times’? ‘What were you wearing’? “What was the colour of underwear, the accused was wearing?” Indian  Policemen without any doubt are As****s.
  2. Severity of punishment to be increased:  According to section 376 of the Indian Penal Code, the minimum sentence for a convicted rapist is seven to 10 years, while the maximum sentence is life imprisonment. Some of these criminals are psychopaths, pedophiles  cannibals , sadists which are an open threat  to whole society and it’s too risky to leave these perpetrators  open. Maximum punishment in rape cases should  be raised to death sentence. Chemical castration of psychopaths after proper psycho-analysis is also a viable option  which is currently followed in South Korea, Russia and Israel. The relaxation given to juveniles  should be terminated in such barbaric crimes.                                                                                                                                                                                           However, Justice Verma committee, formed after 16 december incident, has rejected proposal for death punishment and chemical castration of rape accused.
  3. Inclusion of acid attacks, mental harassment, work place sexual abuse and Marital Rapes in the law dealing with crime against women and strict rules and guidelines to address the same.
  4. Police and Judicial Reforms: The whole system of this country is rotten and needs to be rebuilt brick by brick. No matter how many rules and regulations may exist on paper, till political administration, judiciary and police is forced to do its duty, nothing is going to change.
  5. Special benches and fast track courts to deal such issues.
  6. Increasing safety of women by increasing patrolling, 24X7 working Help lines, Traffic lights in all nook and corners of city. Village women associations and panchayats to keep track of such atrocities.
  7. Increasing the conviction rates: First of all, only a small numbers of crimes involving sexual assault are reported, either due to fear of death, fear of society or because the accused is a family member. Several cases of sexual abuse by family members including rape by their own fathers, get unreported. And those who report find themselves in a society of apathy. In many instances, the case is not even registered because in most of the cases, the accused belongs to upper caste or is a powerful bahubali or local neta or even police. If FIR is filed, then comes a real challenge. Never ending court-cases and long wait for justice which takes a great toll on that poor soul in monetary and psychological terms. In majority of cases, lower courts with corrupt judiciary give justice in favour of accused adding up to the trauma of the victim. If still she has courage to fight, case is referred to higher judiciary and if  media pays heed, the accused gets mere 5-10 years of imprisonment.
  8. Rehabilitation of Rape Victims: In hypocrite and narrow-minded Indian society, being a victim becomes a crime.  A women who is raped is looked down upon in the society and is even boycotted. She goes through myriad of negative emotions like self-hatred, denial, grief and post trauma depression. Fearing dreadful consequences, most victims don’t speak up about what happened to them. Psychological counselling and rehabilitation of rape victims and victims of child sex abuse needs urgent attention.

9. Provision of separate toilets for girls and boys in every school should be an immediate priority of the government. Sexual assaults by teachers and school staff in schools is an another major issue which should be dealt seriously. Village Panchayat and Mahila Mandals should be given the authority to deal with such issues.

10. India needs to tighten child- protection laws and improve oversight of orphanages to curb sexual abuse of minors amid soul-searching over the scale of rape and assault in the country.

11. CHANGE COMES FROM WITHIN. To accomplish this herculean task, we have to CHANGE OURSELF FIRST! Till we don’t change our attitude and behaviour towards females, the problem is going to persist and in fact will spread like an epidemic! The society has to change. We have to move out of old rusting rotting customs which have no significance in 21st century.

In Bollywood, Rape scenes were added as voyeuristic element in the movie. Dialogues like  ‘IZZAT LOOTNA’ and ‘BHAGWAN KE LIYE MUJHE CHHOD DO’ clearly depict our narrow mindsets and hypocrisy.

Similarly during the Occupy Rajpath protest after 16 december incident, somewhere amidst the cacophony, the real issue got sidelined and selfish political interests took its place. Insanity crossed its limits when Right wing fascists like Mohan Bhargav, god men like Asaram Bapoo and goon turned politicians like Kailash vijayvargiya made foolish comments holding that innocent girl responsible for the crime.

Well for these insane , I have a question. Why did those monsters raped that little 5 year old girl? Because she was drinking or because she was going out with her boyfriend or because she didn’t prayed to god. People who endorse such fallacious ideologies are the one who commit and support such crimes. Let me remind you, Asaram (Bapooji) had been charged with Child abuse many times before. Fuck off! these hypocrites..

delhi rape4

There is need to change our attitude towards the survivors of this heinous crime. They just need equal treatment. They need to be supported for their fight for justice.

The list is very long and time is short. A lot has been said and written before but still the things don’t seem to change. As a responsible citizen and future of this great nation, we do have responsibilities we shouldn’t shy away from. As Sidhharth says in Rang De Basanti, ‘Koi desh Perfect Nahin Hota. Use Perfect banana Padta hai.’ Now people have to decide. Kya aap log ise perfect nahi to kam se kam achcha desh ‘banana’ chahenge? Or it’s like ‘Mango People’ just don’t give a damm about this ‘ Banana Republic’?

The topic is open for debate. If you want to comment or share any idea, suggestion, personal instance or feedback, please feel free to do so!

Ending this long  article by an amateur writer with a Nazm (or a poetry, whatever u call it), dedicated to the spirit of ‘ Nirbhaya’  or ‘AMAANAT’ which I wrote on 29th December, the day she passed away.


Haar gayi zindagi, sharmsaar sari qayanaat hai,
Beraham haivaniyat ke saaye me kho gayi insaniyat hai…
Ashqo ki syahi se kahi jo ibaadat thi..kaun sunta unki?
Mandir Masjid me chhup kar baitha kisi ka khuda,kisi ka bhagwan hai…
Zakhmi hai maan samman desh ki aadhi aabaadi ka,
Aankho pe baandhe kaali patti, so raha kanoon hai…
Beharam barbararistaan mein gafflat ka mahaul hai,
Sharafat ka naqab odhe bhediye ghumte sare aam hain…
Ilm e insaniyat ko tawajju ki kya aarzoo?
Is dasht ke har kuuche se sare aam abroo ka nikalta juluus hai…
Ankhon mein rosh, kuchh kar guzarne ka josh hai,
Kya waqai kuchh badlega? ya do-chaar dino ka shor hai…
Gahe gahe sochte hain kab badlegi ye tasveer, kab milega insaaf, kab band hoga ye atyachaar?
Ye gulistaan teri AMAANAT hai…
Darna khuda se tu ae kaafir,
Ki nazdeek ab shayad qayamat hai…



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