Life’s a Waiting Room

Remember, those old monsoon days?

Leaping like crazy balls in the Splashing rains.


Or the brisk winters? Flying like kites together all day long,

And chilly nights draped in warmth of your love.


You promised to remain same forever,

Whatever be the reason, whichever, the season.


But when autumn came, before taking a train to the snowy mountains,

You just walked away, didn’t say anything.


I shouted, I cried, but you didn’t listen.

Someone said, you took another train, I didn’t believe.


I have been waiting here all alone, since then, a trifle sad.

Watching trains and passengers come and go by.


My eyes have swelled up gazing at the gate,

Where we met for the first time, where I saw you last, walk away.


The summers are here again. Your frozen heart might have melted a bit.

Would you like to join me on a trip to the Snowy Mountains, where you had always wanted to be?


Oh! Never mind, you can take your time.

Come whenever you feel like.


I’ll be  waiting for the spring, here, on the same corner seat.

Life, perhaps, for me is a Waiting Room!


  1. that’s again a amazing poem..Tussi great ho..u r doing a phenomenal work..superb..!..u made the difference..a great example for others..!..i have read everything abt u n its so inspiring..keep up the good work..n i hope i will soon join you after getting a good medical college n will help u in helping others ..


  2. i wnt 2 ask what should be expecting rank range in aipmt for Maharashtra seth or grant med. colleges..m a dropper n a delhi resident but i dnt hv delhi quota bz 4 tht u mst hv done 12th frm a delhi regular school n i did my 12th frm nios(ntnl inst. of open schlng).. m sure nios eligible in aipmt stupidity.. i left my school after completing 11th to save time 4 self msundrstn tht still i’ll hv quota..lost 85% selection in good delhi med collgs..i think what i hv best now is in maharashtra


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